Worker health and safety representatives (HSRs) have considerable rights and powers - but no responsibilities for health and safety.  HSRs are legally entitled to attend initial 5-day training courses and 1-day refreshers annually.

anagers and Supervisors DO have significant legal duties and responsibilities - for which they are accountable and liable.  Yet they are not entitled to any health & safety training!

To help ensure a 'level field' and allow managers and supervisors to effectively manage and supervise, we offer 1, 2 or 3 day programs specifically for managers and supervisors.  So we can ensure programs are relevant and appropriate for your organisation, our courses are designed and developed in consultation with clients.

Programs are designed according to the needs and priorities of client organisations. The matrix below lists possible combinations of topics that can be covered. Programs are applicable in any jurisdiction - whether legislation is WORK Health & Safety (WHS) or OCCUPATIONAL Health & Safety (OHS) - and are appropriate for government or private sector organisations.

The workshops will provide managers, supervisors and other decision makers with the background, concepts and overview necessary to enable them to manage workplace health and safety issues.  The programs emphasise communication, co-operation and consultation between the key people in the organisation - managers, supervisors and employees (including employee health and safety representatives if any) and the health and safety committee.

By developing a clear overview of the needs and requirements of their organisation - and their responsibilities and duties - in relation to occupational / work health and safety[1], managers and supervisors will be better able to understand what is required, identify and respond to achievable objectives and more effectively participate in their organisation's health and safety management processes.

The importance of managing the health & safety function in a pro-active manner - of managers, supervisors and employees/health and safety representatives working together (and utilising resources such as the health and safety committee) - will be emphasised throughout the course. 

Particular attention will be paid to the various management responsibilities that need to be addressed: efficient operation, productivity and quality of service, industrial relations, legal and public image.

We find courses that have a 'vertical' slice of personnel from across the organisation (including people from other sites if appropriate) provides for much broader and practical learning outcomes.

[1] Organisations in Victoria are subject to the Victorian OHS Act 2004; organisations ​​​​​​​elsewhere in Australia are subject to Work Health and Safety 2011 Acts. 

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